FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2018


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    Wayside Cider

    DOUBLE FEATURE: Broken Sidewalk & Animals


    Broken Sidewalk

    23 minutes



    Director Aaron McPherson

    Showing up for her New Year's Eve shift, Pepper deals with an unwanted proposal, a group of shiftless misfit coworkers more concerned with bathroom bong breaks and an unraveling backroom love triangle, and an ex who shows up with a long lost surprise.



    44 minutes

    Dark Comedy


    Directed by Jason Moore

    Set in the hardscrabble Catskills Mountain town of Walton, this dark comedy pits two small-time criminal brothers against a corrupt and sinister animal control officer who captures their runaway dog.

    Animals Filmmaker Q&A




    The Andes Hotel

    DOUBLE FEATURE: Love is a Burning Thing & A Tale of War


    Love Is A Burning Thing

    50 minutes



    Directed By: Fredrik Aronsson

    A documentary about love in its most beautiful form, unconditional and without promise of getting something back. Meet the people behind the often bashed football supporter culture.


    A Tale of War

    39 minutes


    Australia, Iraq

    Directed by Hossein Jehani

    The destitute atmosphere of refugee camps is constantly narrated through the idea that life halts and time stills. These refugees share a common plight, and that is the hope of returning to their home-land and a return to the norm of life, a hope that is being challenged by the presence of Shia militias.




    Streamside Yoga Studio


    1 hour 53 minutes



    Directed by Dr. Jose. P. V.

    Washerman Kanavan takes in a innocent young woman from the family of his late wife, along with a donkey. Despite Kanavan’s drunkenness and cruelty, the woman loves his son as if he were her own as she settles in to her new life.

    Filmmaker Q&A TBD




    Wayside Cider

    The Ranger

    1 hour 17 minutes



    Directed by Jenn Wexler

    Teen punks, on the run from the cops and hiding out in the woods, come up against the local authority - an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind.




    The Andes Hotel

    The Marvin Case

    1 hour 10 minutes



    Directed by Lewis Eizykman

    How could the disappearance of a simple cat lead to the biggest financial crisis of all times? French documentary filmmaker Thomas Lafite went out looking for an answer and found one of the most incredible stories of the 21st century.




    Streamside Yoga Studio

    Raining Hell

    1 hour 25 minutes



    Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen

    Underneath the surface of a sleepy country town, a brutal drug war rages as rival crime syndicates battle to control the heroin supply that's fueling a rural epidemic.

    Filmmaker Q&A


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    The Andes Hotel

    This Much
    1 hour 20 minutes

    Comedy / Romance


    Directed By: Natalya Padilla

    Russian mail order bride tries to balance her love life with her rich but morally bankrupt husband and her scruffy yet charming paramour.

    Filmmaker Q&A




    Wayside Cider

    Only a Switch w/ opening short


    The Phantasmagoria of Offense: the male version

    6 minutes



    Directed by Jess Irish

    An animated film lyric in which corporal images focus on the male body, presenting a collage history that contrasts the cultural anxieties around expressions of vulnerability and homosexuality with power and privilege within the dominant paradigm.


    Only a Switch

    1 hour 15 minutes

    Adult Drama


    Directed by Michael Vincent

    Two lovers are on the run in this psychedelic fairy tale that blurs lines of sexuality and identity.

    Only a Switch Filmmaker Q&A