• FEstival FAQ'S

    What is the Weather like up there?

    Well, unfortunately it just got cold so please dress accordingly. The Great Western Catskills are in the mountains and the temps can change quickly so we always advise wearing a lot of layers. While it's absolutely stunning, it can get cold so please be prepared.


    Also keep in mind that the screenings at Wayside are in a converted barn which means it's kind of an indoor/outdoor space. We are working hard to make sure the space is warmed up but we strongly urge to bring warm weather clothing to all screenings at Wayside, including hats and gloves. As we said, we will do our best to make it as comfortable as possible for screenings and the parties but we only have so much control over mother nature. Please bring whatever you need to bundle up!

    Where can I purchase tickets?

    You can purchase tickets and passes online through our tickets page on this site. You can also purchase tickets during the festival at our single box office location at Hasbeens & Willbees located at 11 Delaware Avenue (at Main Street) in Andes.


    The box office will be open:


    4:00 pm-9:30 on Friday, October 19th

    10:00 am-7:00 on Saturday, October 20th

    11:00 am-7:00 pm on Sunday, October 21st


    The Box Office is across the street from Wayside Cider, about a three minute walk to The Andes Hotel and about a seven minute walk to Streamside Yoga. Please give yourself ample time to pick up your passes and tickets and arrive at your screening location on time.


    We will accept cash and all major credit cards at the box office.


    We will not be able to sell tickets at the individual screening locations.


    If you purchased your ticket or passes online, we invite you to come to Hasbeens & Willbees to get a wristband (for those who have passes) and or a ticket. If you prefer, you can just show your receipt at the door of the screening venue if you prefer to go there directly.


    If I bought tickets online, can I go right to the screening location?

    Yes, you can but you might prefer to swap out your receipt for a genuine ticket or a wrist band for those who purchased passes.


    If you purchased your ticket or passes online, we invite you to come to Hasbeens & Willbees (11 Delaware Avenue) to get a wristband (for those who have passes) and or a ticket.


    If you prefer, you can just show your receipt at the door of the screening venue if you prefer to go there directly.


    We will not able to sell tickets or passes at the screening locations, only at Habeens & Willbees.

    Do I need to buy an all day or all festival pass or can I buy individual screening tickets?

    You can buy whatever you want. We have it all. We have a full festival pass which gets you access to all films, all weekend. We have a day pass which gets you access to as many films as you can see in that single day. We also have individual screening tickets which gets you access to a single screening which could be a feature, a double feature or a set of shorts. Please visit the tickets page for full details.

    Where are the screening venues?

    We have three venues that will host the screenings. Streamside Yoga is at 506 Main Street, The Andes Hotel is at 110 Main Street and Wayside Cider is at 55 Redden Lane, right off Main Street. All are in Andes, all are within walking distance but give yourself ample time to get from one location to another. You can see the venues here.

    Are there food & drink at every venue?


    Each venue is different.


    Streamside Yoga is a studio. There is no bar or concessions on the property.


    The Andes Hotel has a full bar and is also a full restaurant. There is also popcorn on the bar typically.


    Wayside Cider is a tap room that serves only New York State beverages. Luckily, this state makes a ton of great ones. They have a full selection of cocktails, beer and their Wayside brand cider. They also have a selection of food with the kitchen open until 9pm.

    What is the Parking Situation in Andes?

    In general, parking in Andes is quite good but every venue has a different situation. Here is the low down on parking.


    The Andes Hotel

    The Andes Hotel has a large parking lot in the back and street parking in the front.


    Wayside Cider

    Wayside has very limited parking. We suggest parking on the street and or in the lot across from the Andes School which is on Delaware Avenue, about 5 properties down (toward Delhi) from Hasbeens & Willbees


    Streamside Yoga

    Streamside has a very limited parking lot and not so much street parking. We would suggest parking on Main Street, closer to the Andes Hotel and walking up the street to Streamside. Please pay careful attention to all street signs and park accordingly.


    Hasbeens & Willbees

    They have a small parking lot next to their building. We suggest parking there only to pick up tickets and then using street parking and parking closer to your screening venue.



    Can Anyone Come to the Filmmaker Awards Party?

    Yes! It takes place on Saturday, October 20th at 7:30pm at Wayside Cider.


    We are hosting an awards ceremony to celebrate ALL the films that are in the festival and to give away a "best of" from each category of officially submitted films. The party is open to filmmakers, their guests and the public. Please come and celebrate all the films and filmmakers featured in this first Great Western Catskills International Film Festival.

    Do you have any kids or family friendly films in the festival?

    Unfortunately, we do not. Most of the films in this years festival are mature themes so we don't recommend bringing children to any screenings. We will do our best to request submissions for more kid and family friendly films for 2019.

    Does the festival have a hashtag I should use when posting?

    Please use #gwciff #greatwesterncatkills #delawarecountyny.